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About Chang Cheng Holdings

Chang Cheng has grown from a single Chinese Mixed Vegetable Rice Stall in 1994 to date, with 160 food outlets and over 30 coffee shops.

About three decades, our founding Managing Director, Mr. Kok Kuan Hwa (Ricky), understands very well the challenges and hardships of running and managing food stalls.

Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Kok Kuan Hwa, Chang Cheng aspires to venture into social entrepreneurship, building up the hawker heritage, and giving back to society.

Chang Cheng Holdings aspires to establish itself in Singapore and Malaysia as a leader in local food, providing consumers with premium quality foods and beverages at affordable prices.


Additionally, the company aims to become a business-to-business (B2B) food service provider, serving food service businesses with ingredients at value-driven and competitive prices.

1994 Chang Cheng
Chang Cheng's Founder Mr.Ricky Kok
The Founder's Story
Dato' Sri Mr. Ricky Kok

Chang Cheng began modestly in 1994 with a single economy mixed vegetable rice stall. Dato’ Sri Mr. Ricky Kok made the bold decision to leave school at the age of 15 and embark on an apprenticeship as a chef in the food service industry.


Driven by a resolute will to learn, he rapidly honed his skills, mastering the art and nuances of Chinese cooking and culinary concepts.

With about three decades marked by unwavering dedication and foresight, Ricky Kok has successfully transformed Chang Cheng Holdings into a prominent leader in the Singaporean Food and Beverage industry.

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